deer heads & gun racks

Shannon. 22. I’m in love with a US soldier & going through our first deployment. Criminal Justice major, history minor. I was born and raised in southern Pennsylvania by a big half Irish half redneck family. I’m an aunt to 8 beautiful children. Hunting. Fishing. Four wheeling. DODGE. REALTREE. I always have been and always will be a Patriots fan. I support and stand behind our troops 110%. Georgia Bulldogs. SOA. Munster is my favorite rugby team. I love Pit Bulls and support the fight against Pit Bullying! Tattoos. I love the rockabilly style and pin up hair. Feel free to ask me anything :) "I was taught to fight like hell, love like an angel, pray like a saint and run like a rebel. Live each day like there’s no tomorrow. Speak my mind and act like a lady. I’ll always be my Momma’s baby, and you can’t ever tell me nothin’. Oh lovin’ a girl like me ain’t easy."

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The engineer castle I built Ed #engineer #combatengineer